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Diploma Level 2 Health & Social Care Unit IC01 The principles of infection prevention and control Worksheet 2 – Roles and Responsibilities LO – 1.1, 5.5 As an employee, you are responsible for the following in your workplace: Explain how you follow each of the requirements in your workplace (200 words minimum) * To follow health and safety procedure that your employer has put in place, and report any omissions that may ariseRisk Assessments are put in place to follow to protect you the client and the company. It’s put in place as an important step in protecting workers and business as well as complying with the law. It helps focus on the risks that really matter in your workplace. | * To use the protective clothing and equipment that your employer has suppliedUsing gloves and changing your gloves when dealing with personal care, toileting and dealing with bodily fluids, also to protect an open wound on your hands.Using aprons to prevent contamination passed through your clothing on to or from a person to also protect your clothes and uniform.Using hand sanitizer after washing your hands for extra protection it may also be used if you feel unsafe to touch or the is no hand washing facilities.Using foot protectors to prevent walking infection into a clients home. | * To report any potential risks or hazards within the workplaceTo report and record all potential risks and hazards is very important to protect everyone to who comes in contact with that particular client. For each hazard you need to be clear about who might be harmed it will help you identify the best way of managing the risk. | * Take reasonable care for your own health and safety equipment or materials that you have been supplied by your employerIt’s important to protect yourself and others by making sure your protective equipment is in correct order for example you wear
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