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Assignment 204 Task a – Short Answer Questions ai Explain what a social care worker must do if they become aware of unsafe practice. If a social care worker is told by a service user that they are being abused, then they must believe what is being said and must listen to the individual, give reassurance and explain that you must take the matter further to protect them. If a social care worker witnesses abuse taking place, they must not ignore what they have seen and contact their manager or a senior colleague as soon as possible. Some service users may tell you they are being abused, but then ask you not to tell anybody else and this is something we cannot do. There are four main priorities in responding to concerns or allegations of abuse: 1. Protect – ensuring the individual is safe and protected from any further abuse 2. Report – reporting the issue to a senior colleague or manager 3. Preserve – preserving any evidence as it could be a potential crime scene 4. Record and Refer – record any evidence you have observed and been told aii Describe what a social care worker must do if unsafe practice is reported but nothing is done to ensure it is corrected. If a social care worker has reported unsafe practices, and find that nothing has been done, then they must speak to their manager and ask why nothing has been corrected. If again, nothing has been done it is important for the care worker to seek the higher authorities such as regional managers and so on until they ensure the unsafe practice has been corrected. aiii Describe three factors that may make individuals more vulnerable to abuse than others. 1. Individuals with poor communication – may not be able to hear, may not be able to speak, may have trouble getting their point across and finding the right words to say, could become frustrating not being able

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