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HSC 2029 1 1.1 - Any food contains germs which cannot always be detect by looking smell or taste. It can be on the surface or inside of the food. Germs can not be be moved by themselves it need someone or something to move it. This often occurs on surfaces which has been touched by unhygienic hands. Gems also can be moved between contaminated food and ready to eat. Food must be cooked thoroughly at correct temperature in order to reduce any germs present at safe level. Food also must be storage properly to avoid the bacterial and germs grown to an unsafe level. = During Preparation . Ensure food areas are clean . good standards of personal hygiene are maintained . Wash hands after touching raw food . Use different chopping boards…show more content…
Not wear jewellery or false nails, which could fall into food . Use different chopping board for different type of food . Use different equipment and utensils for raw and ready-to-eat food and clean after use it . Adequate light in the place you are preparing food, floor must be keep dry to avoid fall. . Store cleaning chemicals separate to food handling areas . Wherever is possible clean equipment and surfaces thoroughly before and after use . Avoid unnecessary handling of food - use clean tongs, plates, pan or trays . Keep chilled food out of the fridge for the shortest time as possible during the preparation. . Don't eat or drink while you are handling and preparing food. 3.2 - You must maintaining a clean work area where the food is prepared. Always throughly wash your hand and every utensil used. Make sure drinks are prepared right before they are served, and never left to sit open anywhere. Make sure all food ingredients are fresh and the fruits are cleaned before preparation. Ensuring floors re kept dry to avoid slips - spills must be wiped up immediately. Correct use of knives, never cutting towards you. Don't allow pan handles to stick out from the cooker as they could easily get knocked. Ensure you have adequate light to work in safely
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