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HSC 2029k PRINCIPALS OF FOOD SAFETYWHEN PROVIDING FOOD AND DRINK FOR INDIVIDUALS 5.1 Describe practises to control food safety hazards when storing different types of food and Drink: It is important to store food correctly in order to control the risk of food poisoning and cross contamination between raw and ready to eat food. If food is stored at the wrong temperature it can lead to the growth of bacteria. Meats must be stored correctly in the fridge and this would involve ready to eat food being placed on the shelves about the raw meat and salads being placed in salad draws. This prevents the raw meat juices dripping onto the ready to eat food. All food must be labelled with the date and what it is to prevent the food going over the use by date. Certain food can be highly…show more content…
Try and keep dry food away from chemicals and cleaning products and keep food off the floor in order to not encourage pest and mice’s etc..... Also make sure the storage area is nice and clean and ry. In order to store food correctly it is just a case of putting some simple rules into place and then this helps the risk of hazards occurring which could lead to food poising etc... 5.2: Describe how to store different types of food and drink safety: 1. Make sure raw meat is kept in airtight containers and at the bottom of the fridge to prevent the juices going onto any other food especially ready to eat food. If the juices went onto the meat this could cause cross contamination. 2. Keep eggs in the egg container do not remove them out of the box. Store eggs in the refrigerator, preferably in their cartons, as it provides protection and prevents moisture loss through the shell. 3. Make sure salad and vegetable are kept in the the chilled box at the bottom of the fridge. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and garlic in a cool, dark, well ventilated place but not in the
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