Hsc 2015 Support Individuals to Meet Personal Care

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Support individuals to meet personal care (HSC 2015) Outcome 1 Be able to work with individuals to identify their needs and preferences in relation to personal care 1. encourage an individual to communicate their needs, preferences and personal beliefs affecting their personal care Keeping clean and hygienic is something most of us are able to do ourselves on a daily basis. However when an individual becomes ill or disabled they may suddenly have to rely on others to help with their personal care. Personal care includes bathing showering, hair washing, shaving, mouth care, eye care, nail care and general personal hygiene. It is important to allow the individual to voice their needs and preferences regarding their personal care. It is important that you establish the correct language the individual uses regarding body waste eg spend a penny, have a wee, so that there are no misunderstandings. Also use language they will understand regards body parts eg Instead of abdomen use stomach, instead of genital area use down below or underneath. You need to establish if the individual would prefer to discuss this with a same gender carer and if they would prefer a same gender carer to assist them with their personal care needs. If an appropriate gender carer is available this should be arranged. You will need to establish several other factors before you can discuss the choices available to the individual. The choices available will depend on how mobile the individual is, the amount of help required, the clothing worn, equipment available etc. Some individuals may prefer a bath to a shower. Elderly people often feel a bath once a week is sufficient wish a wash in between, which may differ from your own personal beliefs. Using the toilet is possibly the area which can cause the most embarrassment and be the most difficult to discuss for both you and the
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