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HSC 2008 1.1 Aspects and factors to consider when planning a journey include anything that the client may need, how the journey is going to develop, the outcome of the journey, and any health and safety factors that may be relevant to the journey. 1.2 Risks that may develop whilst on a journey include accidents that may happen, people taking ill and people losing sense of direction in large crowds. Ways to minimise these include taking first aid kits, keeping track of significant landmarks and taking mobile phones and/or being aware of payphone locations, as well as pre-planning the journey. 1.3 Communication technology that can support planning and making journeys safely include the use of maps and computers to plan journeys and bus timetables etc. 2.3 I would support the individual to develop a plan that promotes active participation by getting the client to plan any journeys that they wish to make and also making clear to them any organisational policies etc that they may have to take into consideration. Also I would support use of various items by explaining the uses of those items,(computers, maps, timetables). 3.2 I would support the individual in line with the journey plan by helping them understand and take into consideration any connections of buses etc, as well as helping them impose on their journey any time restrictions that they may have to adhere to. I would also describe any alternative travel options available to them if the one they have is brought to a standstill due to public transport etc not being available to them. 4.1 Factors that should be considered when reviewing support for the journey include client disability, public transport networks, time restrictions and organisational policies that need to be adhered to. 4.4 I would contribute to reviewing support for the journey by discussing with the client their

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