Hsc 2007 Essay

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HSC 2007 Support independence in the tasks of daily living 1.1Explain how idividuals can benifit from being as independent as possible in tasks of daily life. Feeling independent can give someone a sense of control over their life. People feel more complacent, safe and reassured when they can do things for themselves and as such this helps to uphold their self-esteem therefore improving a persons quality of life and mental state, this is because when someone is able to continue making decisions about there life as well as how they live it can make the feel that they are positively contributing to society. as well as the positive aspects in regards to a persons mental health and well being maintaining ones independence also benefits to there physical health. keeping active is good for the body and its systems i.e. it maintains a healthy heart and good circulation. Losing this sense of independence can cause negative repercussions on a persons mental and physical health and well-being i.e. if a person is unable to do their own shopping or personal care. It may become necessary to seek help and employ someone to do this for them, and as a result physical and emotional health can soon decline when a person starts to lose their independence. This is the reason for the independent living strategy 2008 which aims at improving a persons choice and control over how there care is provided. 1.2Explain how active participation promotes independence in the tasks of daily living. Active participation in developing life skills can help people to become independent as learning in a safe environment and knowing that there is support at hand just in case it is needed will give a person confidence and reassurance, this is because we as people do sometimes make mistakes but this can be positive experience as long as it is handled properly and the person is given

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