Hsc 027 Contribute to Health and Safty

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Unit 8 Fire To help prevent a fire you should; Never prop fire doors open Always follow proceduers, this will include a fire risk assessment which will; Identify hazards; anything that could start a fire and anything that could burn Identify who could be at risk and who could especially be at risk Evaluate the risks and take measures to reduce them Record what has been found out about hazards and the actions taken. Develop a clear plan of how to prevent fire and how to keep people safe if there is a fire the risk assessment should be under regular review and update as needed. If their is a fire the building needs to be evacuated, you should; stay calm, do not shout or run, do not allow others to run organise people quickly and firmly without panic direct those who can move themselves and assist those who cannot use wheelchairs to move people quickly move a bed with a person in if necessary. Security Most workplaces where care is provided are not under lock and key, to ensure that people have choice and their rights are respected. So it's important to be aware of everyone you come across 'Do i know that person?' politly challange anyone you dont recognise if they give a good reason for been their like visiting someone escort them to check their genuine. If you find a intruder raise the alarm. When a dependant person lives in their own home it's important to impress on them the importance of checking who people are before letting them in putting a card up near front door with simple instructions can be a good reminder. If they are able to use it the password sceme from the utilite companys is useful. Schemes such as 'safe as houses' and 'safer homes' provide security advice and items such as smoke alarms and door chains to older people. key codes are often used so care workers and family can gain access without leaving the door unlocked all the
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