Hsc 025 Health And Social Care Essay

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Health and Social Care | Assignment 1 | The roles of health and social care worker | [Pick the date] [Pick the date] HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE HSC 025 Role of Health and Social care worker. Assignment 1 1.1 This is the relationship that is built amongst those we work with, how we make our place of work a conducive place to be. It’s also the relationship built between the colleagues and the bosses. A working relationship is the act of working together to get some tasks done in time and to reach a certain target it is reaching the goal and succeeding together, a working relationship is also the act of working together as a team. There some rules and regulations to follow and there are boundaries, in Health and Social care sector we have code and conducts to be adhered to and that differentiates the relationship from personal relationship. ‘Working relationships are based on formal policies and procedures and agreed ways of working; these are bound by contracts of employment and have codes of…show more content…
Some families may need to get some training in other to be able to use the aids supplied by the agencies or to be able to get them through the changes that is happening in their lives. Some clients do not have families to give them the care they require and this is when the care agencies come in. Care agencies – these are the agencies that take over clients care if the families could not provide care. They could be the local council or private companies they will be in charge of the clients care. These agencies provide trained staff to provide care to the clients. In some cases when the client is not capable of handling their own medications the care assistants prompts medications, care assistants do care plans, shopping, assist with the client’s day to day activities and practically they become the client’s
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