Hsc 025 Essay

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HSC025 1.1 Working relationships are different to personal relationships because of set boundaries, professional codes of conduct, and homes policies and procedures. E.g. I would be friendly and treat individuals with dignity and respect, but I would not share personal information with clients, or become too close like I am able to do in a personal relationship. 1.2 Clients. I would be acting similar to a mother, in as much as I guide, help, support and encourage clients in their daily living needs. Colleagues. We work together in a professional way to ensure clients get the best possible care. Families. Are treated with courtesy and are included in the care and lives of the client, if this is the client’s wishes. Manager. Is treated with respect, and they are there to ensure the overall smooth running of the home, and that the appropriate care is being given. Policies and procedures are being followed. And to ensure clients daily needs are being met by staff. And all training is up to date and is relevant to staffs job roles. CQC. Checks to ensure that homes are being run properly and client’s needs are being met Doctors/Dentists should be treated with respect. They are there to treat client’s health issues and prescribe medication. 2.1 My job role enables me to know my boundaries and responsibilities. This is important as I will not have had training for jobs other than those set out in my job description/role which could then cause an injury to a client or me. 2.2 I work within the guidelines laid out in my job description which was given to me when I was employed by the care home. I also can access policies and procedures in files which are in the office and relevant areas for easy access e.g. coshh file in kitchen, and easy view coshh charts in Laundry. And by referring to an individual’s care plans for their individual needs preferences and
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