Hsc 024 Safeguarding Essay

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HSC 024 Safeguarding Outcome 1 Physical abuse: Physical abuse is when someone deliberately hurts or injures another person. This can include: * Hitting * Slapping * Pushing * Pinching * Force feeding * Kicking * Burning * Scalding * Misuse of medication or restraint. E.g. if a resident displays challenging behaviour a nurse may give that resident an large dose of a sedative so they or a number of staff members do not have to deal with the behaviour. * Catheterisation for the convenience of staff. This may be a carer giving a resident a convene even though they do not need one they just need assistance by staff to get to the toilet. * Inappropriate sanctions * A carer causing illness or injury to someone in order to…show more content…
| From 2009 to the closure of Orchid View in 2011: | More than 15 Adult Safeguarding Alerts were raised. They concerned cases of unexplained bruising, poor medication administration, concerns residents were dehydrated and appeared neglected, and a shortage of staff and an overarching a concern that Orchid View was not appointing competent staff. | The second report I have chosen to research is Abbey dale Care Home, South Promenade, Blackpool. This report was published in August 2013. A shameful catalogue of failings at a Blackpool care home are laid bare in this report. Government inspectors visited the Abbeydale Nursing Home, in South Shore, as patients were being moved out following a string of concerns over residents’ care and the way medicines were being managed. It reveals: • How residents had not been given medication, leaving them in pain • Evidence of a scabies outbreak at the home, with one resident found with “active
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