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HSBC Expat Expat Explorer Survey 2011 Survey Report THE EXPAT EXPLORER SURVEY 2011 PAGE 1 Expat Explorer Survey Commissioned by HSBC Expat, Expat Explorer is the world’s largest global survey of expats. Now in its fourth year, the survey continues to provide valuable insights into expat life around the globe and how the experience of living and working abroad differs from country to country and continent to continent. This year we spoke to 3,385 expats around the world about every aspect of living life abroad, including questions relating to their finances, the impact of economic, political and social factors and even how recent natural disasters have affected their experience of living life as an expat. The 2011 Expat Explorer survey is even bigger and better than last year, with 31 countries now included in the Expat Explorer league tables. New additions for this year include: • • Egypt Brazil • • Italy Turkey • • Vietnam Japan THE EXPAT EXPLORER SURVEY 2011 PAGE 2 Contents Expat Economics • Expats unaffected by global economic conditions • Expats in Eurozone remain resilient whilst those in Middle East head home • Expat wealth continues to look East • UK expats benefit from a stronger economy than much of Europe • Natural disasters shape expat economic outlook in Japan and New Zealand • Expats have higher earnings but more complicated finances • BRIC and Middle East expats most confident about economy • Low cost of living leads to a luxurious lifestyle for expats in developing countries 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Methodology • About Expat Explorer Expat Experience • Social media increasingly important for expats • Expat Experience top spots hold the key for expat lifers 13 15 17 • About Expat Economics • About Expat Experience • About Raising Children Abroad Country Reports 19 20 Further

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