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What are some requirements for LTC related to housekeeping? Cite the Domain as well as the requirements. According to the book, maintenance departments are responsible for the upkeep of equipment inside the facility and the grounds outside the facility to reduce the chance of injury. Housekeeping departments have procedures for laundering of patient's clothing and linens used in patient care. Cleaning of surfaces contaminated by blood and other bodily fluids is dictated by specific protocols. Body fluid spills or equipment used by a client requires use of PPE (usually gloves when cleaning, removing the soil) and then disinfecting the area or equipment. Cleaning of surfaces requires the removal of body substances by staff wearing the appropriate PPE and then disinfecting the area. Appropriate routine cleaning and removal of soil are essential. Commercial spill kits are useful for clinics and offices. (MSDS) must be available for the disinfectant being used. The admission assessment will assist to identify which clients can participate in levels of interaction with other clients, for example participating in a sing-song is acceptable for a client with a covered, contained wound. In long term care facilities (LTCF) it is important to assess and integrate clients into activities safely. Allen, J. (2007). Nursing Home Administration (Sixth Edition ed., pp. 119-120). Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Springer. http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/amr-ram/ipcbp-pepci/infection-eng.php All the functions of human resources was identify at organization facility. These functions include employee recruitment and selection, training and development, health and safety and of course implanting their rules and regulations. Organization share some of their principles and expectations that help mold their corporate culture. Some of these principles and expectations are: Trust in the

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