Hsa505 Week 2 Assignment

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There is a meeting with the Board in two weeks. As a chief administrator of a health care organization in preparation for the meeting, I have reviewed the current strategic positioning of my organization and the marketing plan. I have selected www.dukehealth.org as my reference website. www.dukehealth.org is the official website for Duke University Hospital. Duke University is a top choice because it is one of the best Private Diagnostic Clinic’s in North Carolina. According to Spratt (2011) “Duke University Hospital is recognized around the world as a premier healthcare institution. Diversity is a critical value and a high priority business strategy” (pg.3 ). They know their specializations and they recognize their target market and target employees. When creating a Product / Market Opportunity matrix model for Duke University hospital there are many factors to consider. According to Berkowitz (2011), A Product / Market Opportunity matrix model consist of four components. These components include Market penetration strategy and Product development strategy for the present market; Market development strategy and Diversification strategy for the new market (pg.56).the purpose of creating this Product / Market Opportunity matrix model is to develop a marketing strategy to increase the market share and introduce new specialization services. Currently, Duke University currently services a successful target market and the need for services is continuing to grow. In this case market Penetration is a very necessary approach. According to the Duke University this strategy is used to attract new patients. The website advertised a new medical records system to improve patients’ experiences. This present tool helps patients contact their physicians online to ask medical questions or request a prescription refill without going to the hospital. This strategy approach will
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