Hsa 505 Health Services Strategic Management Assignment 1 Product Development

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The hospital that I have identified for this assignment is the University of Maryland Medical Center, also known as UMMC. UMMC is a teaching hospital with a residency program and has approximately 757 patient beds. UMMC has about 6,500 employees, 1000 attending physicians, and providing training for half of the physicians of Maryland and other professionals of health care. The product of health care that I have chosen is the OneTouch Ping Glucose Management System. OneTouch Ping Glucose Management System: OneTouch Ping was the first full-featured insulin pump that can communicate wirelessly with the certain blood glucose meter-remote. By using this, an individual can be able to calculate doses of insulin and for wirelessly instructing the pump for delivering them without touching that pump, gives the patients more flexibility and freedom for using their insulin pump. OneTouch Ping will provide patients an advanced technology for the common insulin pump. From the Animals plus company, OneTouch blood glucose technology is guaranteed and tested by them. They were able to put the part of a the device together into a system that offers the convenience discretion, and option of dosing the remote insulin. So, the main purpose of this OneTouch Ping is to satisfy the patient by means of patients being able to calculate the insulin dosage level easily. Moreover this OneTouch Ping is water proof one. It also has the proven technology of monitoring blood glucose levels. Marketing Mix: The term marketing mix can be defined for describing the different types of choices that the organizations will make in the process of bringing a service or product to the market. The marketing mix was nothing but it includes 4Ps. The 4Ps were product or service, place, price and promotion. The product, OneTouch Ping, will satisfy the patients because they can calculate

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