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HSC 027 1.2. The Health and safety Act 1974 is one of the basic legistlation in UK what described employers responsibility for my health and safety at work. The employers have duty to look after employee safety time when I'm at work. In the my company employers did risk assessment in each client home to rezognize hazards for my health and also when I started work with the company I read the policies what I have to follow to keep myself safe and healthy at work, example, use the apron and gloves, before plug in hoower plug in special switch to make sure its safe, proper shoes, lights for dark time, breaks etc. Also I have to record about any incident at work to my line manager. 1.3. Myself - when I'm doing my job I have to make sure I'm not putting myself or another person on risk, report any hazards, take a training and always fallow all procedures at work what has been agreed. Employers or manager - have duty to make sure the employee or client are safe and risk at work are minimise till minimum and they have to control all risk if some of them has been found. Also they have to inform any person who health can be put under risk. Others in the work setting - have to take responsibility about them health to not put another on risk, give any information to anybody who health can be put under any risk, do job how it's has been agreed, seeking advice if happening something new or not expecting, wearing right clothes and protecting equipment. report about everything what is outstanding from any agreed procedure at work 1.5. Health and safety is always very important at work and always best is to ask for more information or help but not done something wrong. In first place I can ask advice to my colleagues, or manager but if I need more information or help I can always ask for advice to Health and Safety Executive (www.hse.gov.uk) 2.1. Risk

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