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Term Paper Content TIPS The Title • a concise phrase that indicates the actual thesis of the paper, not just its topic TIP: Papers often have a main title (specifying topic) and a subtitle (indicating the thesis) e.g. “Child Poverty in Ontario: A Failure of the Welfare System” The Introductory Paragraph • thesis statement— your overall main point, expressed in a single, clear sentence • general opening discussion, touching very briefly on all major points, in order • essential background information (e.g. to establish the time and place under discussion) TIPS: The items listed above do not have to be in this order; the thesis statement often appears at the end of the opening paragraph. Speak directly about your topic, with no references to “I…” or to “this paper.” Each Body Paragraph • a topic sentence—expressing the paragraph’s overall point • research information (from one or more sources) providing support for this point • commentary of your own, to explain and coordinate the research information, and to link it clearly to your thesis • if necessary, a wrap-up statement at the end to re-establish what the paragraph has proved TIP: Citing more than one source in a paragraph shows that you have integrated your research information, bringing together points on the same topic. Conclusions • a restatement of the thesis (not usually in the same words as in the introduction) • a brief recap of the major points covered in the body of the paper • thoughtful discussion of the implications of everything that your paper proves TIP: Many good papers are weakened by underdeveloped
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