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Faculty of Management and Tourism Hanoi University Human Resource Management Developing Employee Relations Case Study Harman International Industries I) Concept Review:Employee Assistance Program -Definition: a company-sponsored program that helps employees cope with personal problems that are interfering with their job performance. -4 Steps: [pic] -Benefits: +For employees: balance between work and personal life +For company: attract and retain company, increase productivity, promote workforce cooperation, boost moral. II) Case Study: Harman International Industries 1) Company’s Background -Founded in 1953 by Dr. Sydney Harman and Bernard Kardon, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, US. -Pioneer and leading company in the electronic equipment industry(Home and Personal audio, Automotive infotainment ) 2) Employee Assistance Program: “Domestic-violence- prevention Program” [pic] 3) Evaluation & Results finding [pic] [pic] [pic] - A “highly significant increase” in the number of employees having knowledge and the attitude toward domestic violence - About 75% of Harman employees agreed that the training sessions increased their awareness and readiness to respond to domestic violence, 20% in this is highly supportive - More than 30% of employees and nearly 50% of female employees said they had experienced either physical or non-physical abuse sometime in their lives. (Survey by Beverly Younger Urban, Ph.D., LCSW) 4) The cases in Vietnam - 87.5% of the woman surveyed and 6% of the men surveyed - The Vietnamese organizations had the awareness of this situation, but almost all of them have no programs or reaction, considered it as the responsibility of the society -The Vietnamese

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