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Bella Healthcare India Group Case Analysis: Word count: 3500 Table of Content Table of Content 2 Introduction 3 Market and Company Overview 4 Issue statement 7 Project Analysis 9 Recommendation 10 Evaluation 10 Justification 12 Implementation 13 Administrative Heritage 13 Implementation Strategy Steps 14 Team Structure 16 Project manager: 17 R&D: 17 Marketing: 17 Logistics: 18 Administration: 18 Manufacturing: 18 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 19 Conclusion 19 References 21 Introduction The following report conducts a comprehensive analysis of the healthcare industry, specifically in India, Bella Healthcare across two of its divisions: St. Louis and India, its previous endeavor, project Baton, and its impending project TKO – the development of the EKG machine across India. The high end medical device market in India today is rapidly growing as a result of a changing patient profile, an improved healthcare system and better financial support, leading to higher demand for advanced healthcare equipment. Project Baton failed as a result of cultural mismanagement, ambitious innovative technology, unreasonable time/cost constraints and a vulnerability to miscommunication. These factors were consequence of an under researched and under prepared project. It is recommended that Bella Healthcare India proceed with project TKO. This recommendation is based on a number of managerial, financial and logistical benefits that are expected to result from project TKO,as well as an appropriate SWOT analysis. It is advised that in order for Bella Healthcare India to carry out project TKO, they must implement a strategy that begins with an administrative heritage analysis and is followed by strategic steps that facilitate a successful project. The Project TKO is not only a valuable opportunity for Bella Healthcare India as

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