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TABLE OF CONTENT Cover Page 1 Table of Content 2 Introduction 3 - 4 Executive Summary 5 Data Collection Methodology /Research Methods 6 - 7 Analysis and Finding 8 - 10 Recommendations 11 - 15 Conclusion 16 Appendices 18 - 20 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 COMPANYS The Two Companies under Investigation for this project are: A. Lotus Bedding (S) Pte Ltd Lotus Bedding (S) Pte Ltd, The Company is a dealership of Brand Lotus and Omazz Mattress which import all it Mattress and Bedding Accessory from Thailand and Norway. With showroom located at Park Mall and Lotus Counter at Robinson, Courts and many other. It has currently Twenty-Nine employees in the Sale and Office Administrative Lotus start to do Performance Appraisal System last three year ago. The System serves as a measurement of employee Performance on the Sale team in the Company. B. ABC Maintenance Pte Ltd ABC Maintenance Pte Ltd, ABCMPL was established in 1996 by two brothers, start as a family business and incorporated as private limited in 2001. They are providing refuse removal service, recycling and general cleaning service. They started with a few trucks and open top containers has now over 35 garbage trucks, many numbers of refuse compactors and containers and over 250 devoted employees. They are currently serving over 400 customers, including government organizations, hotels, shopping malls and industrial buildings. The company value in human resource to fulfill the requirement of the customers to satisfied them. 1.2 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM For a Performance Management system to be meaningful in the company, a systematic approach that involves a range of activities undertaken to get the best performance from people to achieve agency and team objectives and individual goals. The Behaviorally

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