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UNIRAZAK HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY: MIDWAY TELEPHONE COMPANY PROF: DR SYAED SIDIK PREPARED BY: FARISAN BIN HUSSIN MATRIC NO: KLCP109028 CASE STUDY: MIDWEST TELEPHONE COMPANY (MTC) The telecommunications field continues to change very rapidly. In perhaps no other field has technology had such a significant impact on the jobs of so many workers. Mitch Fields, for example, still remembers that tragic day in November 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while Mitch was pulling the afternoon shift as a switch man for Midwest Telephone Company (MTC). To Mitch, it sounded like 30 locomotives hammering their way through a large room filled with walls of mechanical switches putting phone calls through to their destination. Today, that room of switches has been replaced by a microchip. Mitch himself has undergone extensive training to operate a computer console used to monitor and diagnose switching problems. The job of operator has changed from sitting in long rows of operating equipment that was attached to walls of jacks and cords to sitting at individual workstations that look like command centers out of a Star Trek spaceship. In addition, the competitive environment of telephone services has changed dramatically because of deregulation and competition from other phone companies offering similar services. The new thrust now is to shift operator performance from being not just fast and friendly but to being profitable as well, by marketing the company (“Thank you for using MTC”) and selling high-profit-margin services (“Is there someone else you would like to talk to? The person-to person rate is only additional for the first minute”). The operator’s job at MTC remains unchanged in two respects: First, operators will talk to nearly 600 people in a typical day, some of whom are abusive, and second, operator job

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