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HRM Strategic Human Resource Management Report Name: Chen Tuanfeng Student Number: 13208986 Number of Word: 1105 Content 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Two advantages based on competitive advantage when corporations practice SHRM 2 3.0 Two challenges to corporations implementing SHRM practices. 3 4.0 An evaluation on strategies corporations can implement to overcome challenges as mentioned above 4 5.0 Conclusion 5 Reference 6 1.0 Introduction ‘The organization business strategy of HRM practices: analyzing work and designing jobs, determining how many employees with specific knowledge and skill are needed, attracting potential employees, choosing and teaching employees how to perform their jobs include preparing them in the future, evaluating their performance, rewarding employees and creating a positive work environment’ (Noe, 2011). Human resources management has a vital role in the world today, the company to continuously improve the competitiveness, strive to finish various mission in the process. If a company wants to develop, it must to provide perfect goods and services for the customer, it is one of the factors of HRM to take care these goods and services. 2.0 Two advantages based on competitive advantage when corporations practice SHRM 2.1 One of advantage in Human Resources Management is training. The training mean is enterprise teaches staff that has to do in their working, training it is a learning process for employees in career. The purpose of the training is providing the skills needed for the work. In this process, the company should make sure what is the content training and establishing a target for staff has to master skills in the end. In next step, according to plan corporations going to train staff. In the final step, make evaluating training results

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