Hrm Function In Current Organization Essay

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Malaysia as a nation has undergone many changes for the past 20 years; that is from 1989 until 2009. Among the changes that are very pertinent are the changes in technological knowhow of the workforce, the change from only doing business locally to globally, changes in social structure and the changes in demographic. These changes have given a big impact on HRM within organizations. Changes in technological knowhow of the businesses give a big impact to how the HRM functioned in organizations. As an example, when I came to workforce in early 1990s the computers were already in used quite extensively from office work to plant automation. Before the computers came into usage, workforce activities on the job was probably based on manual inputs and control. Typewriters probably the mechanism used by workforce before 1980s. The period from 1980 to 1990s I would say the period in which workforce were at the middle of getting themselves acquaintances with computers and computer system. In this case, HRM would need to strategize on criteria for new hirer; that is computer inclined candidates to fill up new available position within the organization. HRM as well should change the training mechanism to adapt to the need of having computers savvy workforce. In addition, the training for the older generation would need to be formulated as well. Along these changes there would definitely issues relating to resistance to change and the HR would need to address these issues of people resistance to change. Concrete plan need to be in place in order to address the issues otherwise the organization would face subsequent problems in people morale and commitment to their work. Worst case scenario probably feeling of rejections by the employees. This if not controlled could result low productivity thus losses to the organization profitability. The technological change will

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