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Recruitment and Selection Questionnaires 1) What are the details you verify at the time of recruitment? 2) What are the documents you obtain at the time of recruitment? 3) What is letter of intent? 4) What is offer letter? 5) What is appointment letter? 6) Is there any difference between an offer letter and appointment letter? 7) What an offer letter should contain? 8) What are the important clauses in the appointment letter? 9) Is medical examination mandatory at the time of recruitment? 10) What is the duration of probation? 11) If on expiry of probation, if an employee is not confirmed, what is it’s effect? 12) Rates of bonus under Bonus Act 1961 Hard core HR 1) Read important provisions of Industrial Disputes Act, Factories Act, standing orders Act 2) Understand the scope of the following terms A) Retrenchment b) lay-off c) closure and the procedure to affect all the three. d) strike and Lock-out and their requirements to be met in a public utility service e) Public utility service f) Unfair labor practice g) definition of factory u/Factories Act & ESI Act h) Settlement u/I.D Act I) award u/I.D Act 3) acquaint you with recent amendments of I’d Act, ESI Act Gratuity Act, 4) What are conciliation and the procedure? 5) What are the methods of peaceful settlement of disputes? 6) What is trade union? 7) Is there any procedure prescribed under Trade Unions act 1926 to recognize trade unions? 8) What is collective bargaining? 9) Can you terminate an employee during probation for unsatisfactory service by giving required notice? 10) Can you terminate the service of an employee by paying wages in lieu of notice for misconduct committed by him? 11) Can you recover your financial loss from gratuity?

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