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Introduction This study examines the ways of Oneida’s management team improve the safety and health of the workers in the manufacturing plant through safety management. Safety management is a defined process that assists effectively in making risk-based decision related to business. Its focus mainly on continuously improve the overall safety of the system, increase efficiency of the system and reduce the costs. (Safety Management International Collaboration Group, p.2) Oneida Silversmiths is one of the world largest silver flatware and utensils manufacturing company located in Oneida, New York. In early 1990s, a total of 137 lost-time incidents per year were reported in manufacturing plant. These incidents which include work-related injury or illness caused an Oneida worker to miss at least one scheduled workday. Besides that, Oneida also reported lost-time accidents of 7.3 per 100 full-time workers. These occupational injuries and illness affect productivity of the company and increase insurance costs. The firm’s management has recognized that the work-team activities and results will be disrupted by workers who miss work and also caused problems to employees and their families. This study will discuss how Oneida’s management introduced multifaceted effort which used both reactive and proactive approach to improve the safety and health in the manufacturing plant which in turns reduce occupational illness and injuries. Besides that, the process of identifying how and understanding why the accident occurred in the firm conducted by Oneida’s management team and the changes implemented by the team to prevent future accidents will also be presented. Oneida’s efforts to safety management have integrated both engineering and individual approach. The integration of these two elements will be discussed further in this study. As a summary, a justification of how

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