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Human Resources Management Assignment #1- Research Assignment Executive summary Suncor Energy is a company I would like to work for because they have a solid foundation for both business and employee success. Also, the company has an achievement- oriented culture, enormous opportunities for career growth, a very competitive compensation package, an industry leading experience and a great reputation for social and environmental responsibility. Subsequent to my research into Suncor Energy, I remain interested in working there because my research shows that they embrace diversity and have great opportunities for everyone from new graduates all the way to seasoned professionals. They also have a dynamic mix of newcomers and experienced professionals with diversity of expertise, skills and culture from all parts of the globe. Introduction Suncor energy has grown to become a globally competitive energy organization with a good balance sheet, positive income statement and very good prospects for growth. The company pioneered the commercial development of Canada's oil sands in 1967. It has a production level of one million barrels of oil per day across its operations. The Company has 4 refineries and over 1500 Petro-Canada stations across Canada and is the largest producer of quality lubricant base stocks in Canada1. From both offshore and onshore, it explores, develops and produces natural gas and conventional oil across East Coast, Western Canada and internationally. Furthermore, Suncor invests greatly in clean and renewable energy sources. Their wind power project, result in the prevention of about 500,000tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually2. The ethanol facility in Ontario is Canada’s largest bio-fuels plant that produces about 400 million liters per year and it‘s blended into Petro- Canada’s gasoline and leads to the averting of up to
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