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HRM assignment Part 1 The group decision making processes Introduction Decision-making is the foundation of leadership skills, and learning how to make effective can contribute to the success of a whole company. In addition, as Bennett (1991) states, ‘the higher ranking the manager the more important and wide-ranging the decision he or she must take’. However, group decision can make better decision than individual if the one who understands how can be best to organize the whole group and uses an appropriate approach. This essay will combine the related theories and my behavior in my HRM group to discuss the group decision making process, and then make a conclusion about what I need to revise and what I should do in the future. Analysis Making efficient decision is an essential skill for leaders, and the Vroom-Yetton-Jago Decision Model (see appendix 1) described how the nature of the group, leader, and situation affect the decision-making process. The theory states that there can be many styles of leadership and no one type fits all situations. A leader assesses the situation, determines how make their best to support the group. In the Model, there are seven questions and decision points and five leadership styles — Autocratic style1&2, Consultative style 1&2, Group-based style 2. In this essay, according to the model, the group-based style 2 is appropriate to our situation to make decision because our task was given based on a small group of seven people. The task is joining together to rent one of two houses after we move out of our University Accommodation. Pettinger (1994) suggests that gathering information is important because good decision can not be made without perfect information, and the more information is collected, the better decision can be made. Therefore, firstly, we analyzed the available information that was given by the

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