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1.Employee database for Ashulia factories mandatory by August 30 TUESDAY, 21 MAY 2013 AUTHOR / SOURCE: SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT Summary:- An employee database management system is consistent of crucial work-related and important personal information about an employee. In a nutshell, it is an online inventory of all employees of an organizationIt performs as a readily available source of information between the organization and the employee. Contact information, salary information, posts, work schedule, education information etc. is what most database systems consist of A member of the organization can easily retrieve information about his/her colleague whenever required, and that too on short notice. One can avoid making calls to the employee out on vacation just to retrieve an address to send an important letter. Specific information about the employee can not only be set to be kept private from public viewing but can also be set to be kept private from anyone other than the admin of the software or the head of the organization.If the all workers information are input in one database , how many workers are working these garments in accident time that will know effectivly. 2.Factors affecting the effectiveness and acceptance of electronic selection systems March 2013 Dianna L. Stone | Kimberly M. Lukaszewski | Eugene F. Stone-Romero | Teresa L. Johnson Summary: -There has been a rise in the use of electronic selection (e-selection) systems in organizations. Given the widespread use of these systems, this article reviews the factors that affect their effectiveness and acceptance by job applicants (applicant acceptance), and offers directions for future research on the topic. In particular, we examine the effectiveness and acceptance of these systems at each stage of the selection process including (a) job analysis, (b) job application, (c) pre-employment
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