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HRM 598 Final Exam new Click Link Below To Buy: 1-(TCO A) You are a consultant hired by the Herrington Specialty Metal Sheeting Corporation of Detroit, Michigan to assist the HR Director in redesigning the compensation system. The organization has just gone through an acquisition of a smaller metal sheet company with similar products. Herrington has grown from 80 to 100 employees as a result. You are scheduled to meet with the HR Director and begin to discuss what will have to be considered. You plan to tell her about the strategic pay policies and pay models. Describe four strategic policy decisions that will have to be made in designing her compensation system. What are these…show more content…
A compensation system should include efficiency, fairness, and compliance. (Points : 30) 2. (TCO B) Green Screen Technology, Inc. a leader in the motion picture graphics industry, is an 8-year-old southern California company. The Green Screen Technology is generally regarded as the most creative and initiative companies on the West Coast. It has been able to develop the forward-looking technology and attract some of the best employees available. As the compensation director, you have been asked to develop a job-based point evaluation plan for the organization. Briefly describe a job-based point evaluation plan. Discuss four compensable factors that you would include in the job-based point evaluation plan. Be sure to define each factor, justify why you selected it, and provide the weights or scales that you would assign to it. (Points : 30) 3. (TCO B) You are the compensation manager for Middle Financial Services. The organization buys, repackages, and sells financial instruments. The organization's five major units are sales and marketing, new products development, legal services and compliance, IT services, and…show more content…
(TCO D) The new HR VP is concerned about the performance appraisal process in the hand-held video game company where you are the compensation manager. You then review the results of the last performance appraisal cycle. It appears that supervisors and managers may be having difficulty in doing the appraisals. You are concerned about validity and reliability of the process. In preparation for a training program for supervisors and managers, identify at least three common errors in the performance appraisal process and describe them. In addition, describe steps to minimize these errors. (Points : 30) Spellchecker I 7. (TCO H) You are the HR VP for the Carringten Auto Brake Lining Company. A recent economic downturn has seriously affected the auto industry and your company, as well. Your company has merged with two other brake component companies in an effort to gain production efficiencies and lower unit costs. You are the lead HR person for the new entity. Based on your analysis of the three previous executive compensation approaches, you have decided with board approval to redesign the executive compensation for the new combined organization. Describe the components of an executive compensation plan. Explain how these components can help support organizational strategies, attract candidates to the executive team vacancies, and retain the other current executives. (Points : 30)

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