Hrm 595 Marilyn

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What are the objectives of both parties in the exchanges? As we can see, both parties objectives is to obtain the most profitable accounts for their team in order to maximize growth and profitability for the corporation while their team benefits from the commissions given. On the other hand, Marilyn is attempting to own the accounts with Len instead of being left with accounts that are no active that will result in no commission for her or the company while Len wants the accounts that give him and the team higher commissions. How would you describe the general "tone" of the exchanges? During the first conversation between Len and Marilyn the tone of both of them appears to be competitive. It sounds competitive because both of the parties want to achieve their team interests. As we can see, Len is being offensive with Marilyn while Marilyn shows a defensive behavioral against Len. But, as we noticed Marilyn was not expecting this reaction from Len. Meaning that Len is more confident and aggressive while Marilyn is more worried about the situation then Len. Were Marilyn's objectives on the way to being effectuated in the first exchange? As we noticed in the conversation Len is more in control then Marilyn. The reason why I say this its because Marilyn since the beginning let Len to manipulate her into becoming more defensive. By doing this, Len became the dominant party. By Len acting like this, it made Marilyn to fail with the negotiation because she couldn’t handle the equal party and did not get ideas or points effectively across. Were Len's objectives on the way to being effectuated in the first exchange? With Len’s attitude, we can see that he will be able to meet his goals in this negotiation process. Because Len is more aggressive when it comes to negotiation, Marilyn feels now that she cannot across her points. He distracts
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