Hrm 587 Final Exam Essay

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HRM 587 FINAL EXAM HRM 587 FINAL EXAM, TCO A - Given that progressive and successful companies require their employees to embrace change, examine how changing work conditions impact the employees. TCO B - Given the inherent reality that all organizations must experience change in order to improve, demonstrate how “models” are used in Change Management, for diagnosing an organization’s need for change. TCO C - Given external, internal and/or multi-levels of organization factors that drive change, assess and create a leadership model which supports and promotes each type of change within the organization. TCO D - Given that an organization’s mission and vision will determine its strategy towards change, ensure that an organization’s change initiative is aligned with and capitalizes on its culture and mission in preparation for change. TCO E - Given a selected Change Management implementation “model”, determine the causes of change and develop a plan of action to implement the change. TCO F - Given that both organizations and their employees commonly resist change, understand how to recognize and overcome barriers to change and develop a strategy to manage resistance to change that will ensure successful implementation of change. TCO G - Given that developing a “vision for change” and communicating that “vision” is a critical part of the change process, analyze the key elements of the “vision for change” and develop a strategy to communicate the change to the stakeholder. TCO H - Given the organization’s goal of creating and implementing a sustainable change while moving toward becoming a “learning” organization, develop a plan to implement change in a sustainable manner that can be applied to any change. Using the TCO you selected from the list above, which you felt was most relevant to your
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