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Hrm 548 Week 4 Essay

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      To: Forward Style, Inc. Management Team

      Date: 4/15/2012

      Re: Company Benefits Program

      As the newly hired HR manager, I feel it is imperative that the benefits program offered by the organization is fully understood by all staff.   Forward Style, Inc. strives to fully comply with all legal requirements while also offering a range of options that are not required but are beneficial to the employees.   I will begin by explain the requirements as prescribed by law.   Finally, I will discuss the benefits offered but not mandated.

Benefits Required by Law

      Social Insurance

      Social Insurance includes social security, unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation.   This coverage is required by law and employers are subject to strict regulations to ensure compliance.

    • Social Security – this program is funded through FICA tax deductions.   Half of this deduction is made from the employee’s pay and the remaining portion is paid by the company.

    • Unemployment Insurance – This benefit helps to provide a reduced income stream when involuntary unemployment occurs.

    • Workers Compensation – This benefit protects employees and employers from any work-related injury or death caused while performing assigned job duties. If injury is due to intoxication, self-inflicted or due to recklessness this benefit will not be extended.

      Family and Medical Leave

      The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is mandated by law.   The requisites are to have been employed for at least a year and have met with a certain amount of hours.   It requires companies with 50 or more employees to provide up to 12 weeks under the following conditions:

    • Childbirth or adoption

    • Care for a seriously ill child, spouse or parent

    • Care for an employee’s own illness

      Benefits not required by law

      Pay for time not worked

      Pay for time not worked is generally classified as...

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