Hrm 531 Week 3 Assignment

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Contents 1. Observation 2 2. Analysis 2 3. Improvement planning 4 3.1 “Think EI, not IQ” 4 3.2 Feedback 5 3.3 Human Resource frame 6 REFERENCE 7 1. Observation Having spent the last 8 years of my career progressing through the ranks in technical position, I was asked to move into Project lead position. This looked unattainable especially when you consider that not many organisations consider giving trainings to bring out the managerial talents of their technical staff. Within a short period of 1 month, the results were evident. One such event is where the team dissented when I tried to enforce daily status reports. I started realizing that the communication between my team has become limited and strained. As a project…show more content…
With an appreciation of EI you will be in harmony with your team and thus able to construct highly successful working relationships with them. According to research, unlike IQ, EI can be gained through conscious efforts in interaction with others, through training and sometimes through peak experiences My Intelligence Quotient (IQ) has got me where I am today but now I need to acquire something called Emotional Intelligence (EI) as well.I am an extroverted persona and often I had often misinterpreted Extroverted social skills as Emotional Intelligence. However, I realized that EI refers to my ability to manage, monitor and regulate my emotions in a balanced and healthy manner in order to achieve my personal and business objectives. Based upon Salovey and Mayer(1990) I must ensure to use the four components of EI effectively. Self-awareness – take charge of both your positive and negative emotions Self-regulation– discover the interrelationships between emotions and gauge how they develop and mutate with time. Use emotion which would benefit the team. Social awareness – understand what the team requires from
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