Hrm 531 Week 1 Business Research Paper

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Firm Research and Bid Strategy Business Description HA Corporation is a competitive firm that deals in the sale and distribution of household appliances throughout the country and has been operational for the last nine years. It is owned and run by six partners all of whom have an equal share of the business as well as responsibilities towards the company. HA is listed as a Fortune 500 company and has annual revenue of over $18 million, more than 700 employees. The company is mainly a dealership business. Appliances from different manufactures award the company’s clients a variety. Our clients are situated throughout the nation. HA offers its clients delivery services as well as the servicing of the appliances. In addition to this, the company offers routine follow-ups on all products it sells (Botten, 2009). Business Strategy HA Corp. relies mainly on its wide knowledge of house hold appliances and the needs of its customer base. The company aims at supplying shops in every residential area. This way the company will make high sales and will also satisfy the client’s needs. The company has recently opened their distribution to residential customers. Home delivery and servicing enhances customer satisfaction and increases the chances of word of mouth advertising. Advertisements do supplement the quality services. Hand out brochures and…show more content…
intends to grow in our area of operation and financially. The company will have financial resources to acquire and maintain contracts, whether solicited from the government, current clients, new retail stores, or new residential customers. The company also intends to ensure top notch quality as evidenced by our record of performance for the last eight years. This will involve employment of the best skills in the business as well as developing yearly sales strategies. In addition, the company will continuously invest in required skills be they technical, accounting, organizational and even operational

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