Hrm 531 Reflection Essay

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Course Concept Facilitated Exercise-Weekly Reflection Christine Palmer-Cheri Jackson-Rolando Jackson HRM/531 November 15, 2012 Lorna Carriveau Final Weekly Reflection The definition of training is the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior. ( Training is an essential component of high-performance work systems because these systems rely on front-line employee skills and initiative to identify and resolve problems, to initiate changes in work methods, and to take responsibility for quality. Firms such as the Men’s Wearhouse (an off-price specialty retailer of men’s tailored business attire and accessories) and Motorola use training as a source of competitive advantage. Motorola mandates 40 hours of training per employee per year. It is simply part and parcel of the overall management process of these firms. (Cascio, 2010, p. 28) Training is given on four basic grounds: 1. New candidates who join an organization are given training. This training familiarizes them with the organizational mission, vision, rules and regulations and the working conditions. 2. The existing employees are trained to refresh and enhance their knowledge. 3. If any updates and amendments take place in technology, training is given to cope up with those changes. The employees are trained about use of new equipment and work methods. 4. When promotion and career growth becomes important. Training is given so that employees are prepared to share the responsibilities of the higher level job. ("Importance of Training," n.d, para. 3) References Cascio, W. F. (2010). Managing Human Resources (8th ed.). [Adobe Digital Editions version]. Retrieved from Training of Employees-Need and Importance of Training. (n.d).
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