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1._____ proceeds from an oral warning to a written warning to a suspension to dismissal. • Positive discipline • Progressive discipline • Procedural justice • Due process 2. Which question should not be important in evaluating the value of training? • Was the cost of training within the budget? • Did change occur? • Is the change due to training? • Is the change positive related to organizational goals? Final Exam Answers just a click away HRM 531 Final Exam Latest 3.________________ include everything in a work environment that enhances a worker’s sense of self-respect and esteem by others. • Social responsibilities • Nonfinancial rewards • Internal pay objectives • General business strategies 4. Because practical considerations make job tryouts for all candidates infeasible, it is necessary to __________ the relative level of job performance for each candidate on the basis of available information. • assign • accept • abandon • predict Find the final exam answers here HRM 531 Final Exam Answers 5. Which of the following is a distinctive feature of the U.S. system compared with other countries? • All agreements are of unlimited duration • Low union dues and small union staffs • Exclusive representation • Wages set by arbitration councils 6._____ implies that appraisal systems are easy for managers and employees to understand and use. • Reliability • Sensitivity • Acceptability • Practicality To download the complete answer check HRM 531 Entire Course 7._____ analysis is the level of analysis that focuses on employees specifically. • Environmental • Individual • Employee • Operations 8. What can affirmative action assist organizations in achieving that diversity
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