Hrm 420 Complete Class Week 1-5 / Assignments and Dqs Essay

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HRM 420 Complete Class Week 1-5 / Assignments and DQs Purchase here Product Description HRM 420 – Human Resource Risk Seminars Week 1 Individual Paper Human Resource Risk Seminars (Appendix A)Resources: Appendix A, the Internet, and helpful Web sites: Research several different HR risk management seminars Summarize at least five different seminars (these may be presented by the same company). Identify the HR risks the seminar features. Create at least three questions per risk factor you want the seminar to answer. HRM 420 – Mandatory (Legally Required) Benefits Week 3 Individual Assignment Mandatory (Legally Required) Benefits Choose one of the mandatory benefits as described in our readings and prepare a minimum 350-word synopsis of the benefit. Use at least one other source in preparing your paper. Format and cite your paper according to APA standards. HRM420 / HRM 420 – Employment Selection and Training and Development Programs Week 4 Individual Paper Employment Selection and Training and Development Programs Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze the two different selection processes and strategies by addressing the following: Clearly identify the case examples you are using. Identify the purpose of each selection process. Explain how to design the selection process to minimize risk. Does the strategy minimize or increase overall risk for the company? Offer one alternative for each selection process designed to reduce the risk to the company. HRM 420 – Contingency Plan Evaluation Appendix B only Week 5 Individual Paper Appendix B Contingency Plan Evaluation Resources: Appendix B Research and locate two contingency plans using a search engine of your choosing.
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