Hrm 320 Week 2 Discussions Essay

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HRM 320 Week 2 Discussions Click Link Below To Buy: I am thoroughly impressed with your participation level during week 1, you all are in early, and have some fabulous research and information included. Here is a reminder, below, but I promise as the session progresses I will not continue to post this. You may notice this week that the topic itself above has disappeared. It is included in the READ MEs for the week, and will help you remember to NOT use the respond button above. Here is that reminder I am talking about: Before posting anything, please make sure you understand the posting requirements, talked about in the syllabus as well as in an announcement. Pleasedon'tuse the RESPOND above. Use the respond buttons within my READ ME posts, or those of you peers. The respond button above is more for the use of the professor. The focus of this discussion is on the theft of time in the workplace. In fact, this is also part of the focus for your assignment this week. The internet is a staple of the modern office. Some companies are concerned that the Internet (and its e-mail application) lead to increased theft of time in the workplace. But, others argue that the Internet promotes efficiency of information. Question #1: theft of time - is that real? Does an employee who plays Facebook games at work owe their pay for that hour (or 2 or 3!) back to their boss? Can an employer (a) monitor their employee's work on the computer and (b) block the use of certain websites? Or - does the internet promote efficiency of information? Your thoughts? Let's talk legality and ethics in this thread... As the week progresses I will bring in additional information that may or may not relate to theft of time. Pay close attention to each READ ME (even though you only have post across three days), as each will include

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