Hrm 300 Week 3

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HR 1. I believe it is very critical for HR to have a planned partner business in order to develop a maturing process. Within time, the business should grow if done properly. According to the presentation, not many companies actually make it. According to the information they provided, I believe the reason they do not make it is due to the organizations having internal and external. The Human Resource is a huge part in designing and organizing a well-structured organization that will favor the business. HR as a strategic partner will inform you with the demands of the company and will examine the point of the week in order to better the company. There will also be proper use of the human resources in a company, in order to guide them near the goals, only if the Human Resource is a strategic partner to the business. That can be a benefit for all people involved. 2. From this arrangement there are several benefits that the employees can derive from. An example being that when the business wants to expand, it would create more opportunities for work and also even give promotions if necessary. Another example would be that when interviewing, they can tell…show more content…
I believe in any business there is risk weather there is a HR or not. With this in mind HR is a very useful organization that can provide help to a business with obviously the right decision. By finding what the middle ground is, will keep the employees happy and also at the same time it will keep the production going and the outcome should be successful. The main reason to me is for the HR to keep and also be kept in mind the business goals and missions. HR has valuable information which a business could use to make an important decision. With HR being strategic partner with a company then they will better understand what is needed to help that company with what they need. They could know what type of training they need so the company will not waist time and spend so much money looking for a

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