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HRCC and LEADERSHIP Pastoral leadership can be defined as the work that pastors do to equip and motivate church members in the pursuit of the church's overall mission. Therefore, everything a pastor does from preaching, to teaching, to counseling, can be defined as leadership. Some tasks require more direct leadership than others such as administrative meetings, long range planning and financial monitoring of the church's affairs. Overall, the pastor is the key shaping influence and sets the tone of the church. The purpose of this paper is to understand what the principles for Pastoral Leadership are and, to evaluate High Rock Community Church in North and South Carolina. This paper is about the church history, church growth, and common viewpoint of pastoral leadership. It shows the reason why this community church growth is rapidly and continuously growing, and that main reason is pastoral leadership. On July 4, 2004, a new church was launched in my hometown, Salisbury, North Carolina. This campus is known as the East campus. The church was founded by Pastor Ray Johnson. It was a small group of people, five families. By the peoples’ word of mouth and advertising, the church grew 160 people the very first service. High Rock Community Church grew to well over 400 people. It was obvious that the church needed a bigger building to hold more people. So, a new building plan was drawn up, but Ray saw a different vision and decided to change, but first by discussing it with his followers. The change was to branch out and open another campus in another town, Denton, NC. This campus opened in 2006. Ray had a vision and that was to open ten campuses in ten years. His mission was to reach out to people and build their relationship with God. His idea behind this is that “Everybody Needs Jesus.” Ray and his followers state this quite often. So, in 2008

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