Hr Typical Rewards Review

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A. Review of Typical US Rewards programs. (Make sure to consider all compensable factors such as salaries, benefits, work/life, and recognition and career development) In reviewing all the HR practices at H2O it was found that the current rewards system was either non-existent or lacking in benefits to say the least. Rewards are essential to acquiring and retaining the best talent, they also ensure that employee’s hard work does not go unnoticed. H2O must implement a total reward system that will motivate their employees to ensure high productivity. Employee’s that excel in their jobs should be rewarded by H2O so that employees will be prone to going over and above the call of duty. Part of total reward is compensation whether it is wages, benefits, bonuses, or vacation; these are rewards that can influence an employee in feeling appreciated by the company. According to, Maslow's Theory H2O can give reward based on the theory needs. Often times for employees it is not just about money yet the need for employees to feel valued and appreciated. Some of the reward programs that H2O can utilize are a recognition program where employees are recognized for team work and individual tasks, can be given via; gift cards, paid time off, or reward points towards the purchase of various items as selected by the company. Additionally, H2O can opt for a cash merit or bonus program to reward individual employees based on certain job functions or Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s). KPI’s can be based upon the schedule below in determining what the criteria will be for assessing success for rewards. (Scheer) Employee recognition must have established and set guidelines where managers can acknowledge and understand the program and how it works. Each department will have one employee representative when creating the rewards and their criteria which can help in

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