Hr Strategy Employed By Sainsburys

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Analyse the HR strategy employed by Sainsburys plc A HR strategy, also known as a human resource strategy is a company’s plan of action or intended use of human resources to help it keep or gain a competitive edge in it's market. For example, Sainsburys will have a plan of action that will aim to use it's human resources to give it a competitive edge in it's market. When it comes to human resources there are naturally two strategies to choose from, Hard HRM or Soft HRM. Hard HRM is a strategy that is very outcome focused, it focuses on the job at hand and how it can be done in the cheapest and most efficient way. Though this is good, employees are usually treated like objects which can often lead to employee's becoming unmotivated. When on the other hand, Soft HRM is a strategy that is employee focused and aims to get the best out of the employee's by aiming to motivate them and hold them in high regard. From what I can gather, Sainsburys have employed mainly a Soft HRM strategy. Soft HRM – Workers are seen as stakeholders of the business. Motivation and development of staff is very important. Staff are well paid. There is job security and high job satisfaction. Workers are likely to be committed. Staff have a lot of control. Reflects theory of McGregor's theory Y. The advantages of this is that Although the disadvantages of this are Overall, Differentiation from competition through the quality of Human Resource management is very rare. Although I believe it is very important and would suggest that Sainsbury's use Human Resource management as an opportunity to set themselves apart from other company’s and One way they could do that is by.. This will result in people placing Sainsbury's workforce in high regard as , meaning more and better quality workers will want a job at Sainsbury's. Information: Sainsbury's believe that they have a range

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