Hr- Role of Recruitment Essay

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Cummins: According to Cummins recruiting staff is a very costly exercise. It is also an essential part of their business and it has paid them adequately. When it chose the right people for the job trained them well and treated them appropriately, their staffs not only produce good results but also stayed with the organisation longer. In such circumstances, Cummins initial and ongoing investment in them has rewarded. An organisation may have all of the latest technology and the best physical resources, but if it does not have the right people it will struggle to achieve the results it requires. This is true across the whole spectrum of business activity e.g. schools, hospitals, legal practices, restaurants, airlines, and diesel engine manufacturers. Objective: Cummins recently wanted to be the first to market with a complete range of engines that met new stringent environmental legislation. How Recruitment helped them in achieving it? Their technical solution to meeting this legislation was completely different to the competitor's approach. Had it turned out to be ineffective or not to be approved by government authorities, it could have led to the downfall of the company. The responsibility of making the correct decision was shared by relatively few individuals. In addition to technical competence and appropriate experience, an organisation needs to be sure that it can rely on candidates' goodwill, loyalty and commitment towards the organisation and its aims. According to the Chief Executive Officer of the Cummins Group, 'one of the most crucial decisions that a leader will make is the choice of those who will support them.' Cummins was well aware of the importance of 'getting it right'. They asserted that poor choices at the recruitment stage can prove expensive. The company was always sure of a candidate's technical competence. For example, if

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