Hr Principles Ageing Workforce Essay

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Table of Contents Title Page i Table of Contents ii 1) Introduction 1.1) Purpose of this report 1 1.2) Scope and limitations of this report 1 1.3) Organisation of report 1 2) Identification of three HR Issues 2.1) Description and critical analysis of an ageing workplace 1 2.2) Description and critical analysis of motivating employees 2 2.3) Description and critical analysis of occupational health and safety 3 3) Conclusion 3 4) Recommendations for the contemporary organisations 4.1) Ageing workforce 4 4.2) Motivation employees 4 4.3) Occupational health and safety 4 5) References 5 Appendix A 6-7 1) Introduction 1.1) The purpose of this report is to critically analyse three (3) contemporary issues currently being faced in Australian organisations. The writer of this report has chosen to address an ageing workforce in Australia and the effects this is having on the labour market, how to motivate employees in the workplace and the different methods available to motivate and boost moral when downsizing takes place in the workforce and occupational health and safety in the Australian workplace the implications for not following correct standards and being proactive in occupational health and safety. 1.2) This report will look at an overview of Australian organisations and businesses it will be limited to an overview and will not be specific to any one industry. 1.3) This report will describe and critically analysis each issue as previously outlined, conclusions will then be made on issues and recommendations on how to address the issues successfully in contemporary Australian workforce. 2) Identification of three contemporary HR Issues 2.1) Ageing Workforce In Australia at

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