Hr Pratice And Comformatlityies Essay

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◦d the form you need it in ◦Personal influences on decision making 1. Technical knowledge – the actual textbook information a person has 2. Personal experience – individual experiences (mistakes/practices) over a life time will somewhat influence decisions 3. Beliefs and expectations – personal value system, beliefs and tolerance will influence decisions ◦Data vs. information - Sources of HRIS data o Employees o Supervisors/managers o Government o Media o Industry associations o Customers o Grape vine (informal channels of communication) o Think tanks ( Conference Board of Canada) - HRIS is fueled by data – data is collected on paper, electronically or verbally from various sources (i.e. surveys, reports, forms, notes, etc) - Data has no meaning until it is analyzed an interpreted within a particular connect - When data is layered with meaning, it becomes information ◦Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – large scale software packages that are installed companywide (i.e. SAP and People Soft) - ERP systems allow for easy sharing of data between applications ◦The Concept-Production Model – gives clear guideline to introduce an HRIS to an organizations’ HR environment - The process starts with a concept where someone in the department has the idea to look into an HRIS or has the idea to actually go ahead with a purchase and implementation - After the concept is put into action several steps are carried out to develop the project, search for a system and implement it - The model finishes off with a system going into production where the system is fully implemented and people are using it for what it was designed for - Concept → project team → justify HRIS → Barriers to success → needs analysis → type of system → purchase → implement → production ◦Gantt Chart – very useful tool when planning the HRIS project - Like a timeline

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