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The HR Practice
 How could you be recruited at McDonald’s? It is very easy to be recruited at McDonald’s but you have to start from the beginning in a restaurant to learn everything you need. You need to subscribe online on the McDonald’s career website or give your resume and a covering letter directly to the restaurant you want to work at. If your appliance is validated, you will have an interview with a Manager or a Restaurant Director to be sure that you correspond to the profile that McDonald’s is looking for. You have to show that you are motivated because McDonald’s employees have to be careful and try to choose people only if they really want to work and for a long period. I you pass this interview the person you met will call you to confirm his decision. How does McDonald’s favorite the career improvement? As Hubert Mongon, Vice President of Humane Resources of McDonald’s France said; the company is trying to improve their employee’s career instead of recruiting new people. For example, 80% of Restaurant Managers started as “équipier” and 40% of the people working at the headquarters or regional offices come directly from the restaurant. He explained that McDonald’s HR policy is a brand new one. The company really wants to keep their employees by training them a lot. In France, they invested in a Training Center in order to train people and qualify them. As an example, in 2010, 4800 employees went to this Center in order to obtain new diplomas. Moreover, McDonald’s made a partnership with five Business School in France, which leads 120 Restaurant Directors to obtain a Bachelor (Bac+3). They used the same system with different schools in order to qualify restaurant employees as managers, first step to their qualification. Mister Mongon also told us that there is a special training program, this program’s name is “McPassport” in order to

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