Hr Planning Case 1 Essay

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My reaction to the inclusion of HR in organizational planning is a recent evolution is that of not being surprised. Being employed within an organization for the past 25 years I have seen the transformation of HR and how their value to support each business department has evolved and continues to go through further transformations in order to become even more effective. Like most organizations’ views, HR was viewed more of an administrative function and the idea or the need and opportunity to align it with the organizations strategic goals were ignored. Often organizations do not pay much attention to HR because it may be perceived to being more of an administrative function such as processing benefit forms and tracking vacations days as opposed to being perceived as a strategic business partner. Most organizations will agree that HR plays an important part in its success, but continue to prevent HR from being included in the true strategic objectives of an organization. Being able to describe the strategic benefit HR provides will help in being recognized as valuable contributor. HR’s value typically is reported from cost savings in the HR process, rather than on what HR achieves from a business return on investment perspective. As some of the administrative functions are being automated today, due to the introduction of advanced HR software programs within organizations (i.e. PeopleSoft), this has allowed more self-serve functions to be available to employees and in turn reduced the manual processing for HR. This time savings for HR provided more time to focus on organizational strategy and succession planning within organizations and present these solutions to top management to establish their value and contribution to overall organizational strategy. In this scenario, five reasons why HR (Claire) should be included in organizational planning are based on

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