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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING (DECISION MAKING PROCESS) BY SALAMATU ADAMU-GINDO Human resource planning (HRP) is the process of systematically reviewing human resource requirements to ensure that the required numbers of employees, with the required skills, are available when they are needed. The Department of Employment (1974) defined Human resource planning as a “strategy for the acquisition, utilization, improvement and retention of an enterprise’s human resources”. This particular definition sees Human resource planning as a strategic activity that is concerned with securing resources on a long-term basis. It is interesting to note that this definition did not mention staff disengagement. However, Human resource planning is taken to mean any rational and planned approach for ensuring: 1. The recruitment of sufficient and suitable staff 2. Their retention in the organisation 3. The optimum utilization of staff 4. The improvement of staff performance 5. The disengagement of staff, as necessary Thus Human resource planning is not just a number game, even though labour statistics are an important element in it. Human resource planning is as much, if not more, concerned with quality of personnel and their deployment throughout the organisation. After an organization’s plans have been formulated, human resource planning can be undertaken. Human resource planning has two components: requirements and availability. Forecasting human resource requirements involves determining the number and type of employees needed by skill level and location. It is therefore very important to make the necessary strategic decision in requirements involves determining the number and type of employees needed by skill level and location because key goal of Human resource planning is to get the right number of people with

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