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Human resource philosophy is about style of the top management, the current corporate culture and values. It is about the vision of the leader of the organization. If I were be a human resource manager I will adopt and implement the following core values: * Commitment - meaning my employee should have the quality of being dedicated to their work. * Discipline – the employee should obey rules or code of behavior formulated by the top management and imposed disciplinary action if violated. * Honesty and fairness- implies the trustworthiness of my employees to do their respective work and treated fairly in all decisions. * Professionalism – to be conscious in excellence and commitment in the organization * Respect for individuals in workforce and be a person that will create success to the organization. These core values will guide the employees to be observant to their behavior in the organization and it governs the employee’s decision making as well as how communication is done internally and externally. It also helps them to be efficient in their work and improve their job performance. And to attract and retain the good employees in the organization, I will provide competitive benefits, program and services. In handling people well, as a leader I must be the one who start the change to myself and the role model to all employees. Managing people is more about how you handle people and your vision in the organization. In handling people well, as a leader my behavior in the organization must be a role model to all employees for them to respect and follow me. Creating human resource philosophy in the organization will be a good help to all employee to strive for growth and excellence in their respective

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