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Case: The New Director of Human Resource 1. After investigation of Mount Ridge Engineering’s corporate human resource structure and plant operation procedures, in my opinion currently the relationships between human resource policies and actual plant operations are very weak. Although we can say that the human resource department has established a fairly complete set of procedures and policies, the actual implementation of the policies at plant level operations do not seem to be thorough enough, no employee implement those rules. Especially, the staffing function is very weak. There is no proper linkage between corporate HR structure and operations at the plant level. In other word there is no chain of command kind of linkage between them. It seems that operations office can do the HR functions by themselves like hire and fire which is in fact corporate HR department’s sole function. The leave reason seems to be written by the supervisor not the employee, this is not logical. 2. Newcombe should have handled the situation by listening to both sides of Johnson and Braxton first. Johnson has his own reasons why he didn’t show up to work the following day after having a meeting with Braxton and Newcombe should have a conversation with Johnson first before listening to Braxton. Same thing for Braxton. Newcombe should listen to Braxton about why he can’t raise salaries to Johnson first before listening to Johnson’s point of view. Once Newcombe listened to both sides, he should follow up to his supervisor, senior vice president. Once he makes a notification to senior vice president, Newcombe should give a warning to Johnson and explain about company’s policy, which is to terminate an employee if he or she fails to notify his or her supervisor about being absent. Since Johnson seemed to be underpaid by Braxton, Newcombe should give Johnson one more chance.

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